50 Shades of Cream!

Have you ever noticed how plain and boring the lamp shades are out there, talk about 50 shades of cream! So with a small piece of fabric, some braid and a glue gun you can turn something so boring into something fabulous, adding something unique to your special place.

If you dont already have an old shade to cover you can pick up a plain one in most hardware shops. Lets start with a Drum shade as this is by far the easiest to cover with its simple cylinder shape. Once you have your shade you need to measure the width to know the amount of fabric you will need, this one is 20cm so you will need 25cm of fabric to allow for gluing. Then you need to measure the circumference and allow 1cm extra to finish the edge.

So lets get started.
1. Glue a raw edge along the seam of the shade with equal overhang each side
2. Check length round the shade to cover seam and mark by folding the fabric to create a finished edge ensuring it layers over the raw edge that has been glued.
3. Then lie flat and iron the fabric to create a neat edge.
4. Rolling the shade over whilst pulling the fabric tight round to the seam then glue the ironed edge over raw edge. 
5. Then working around the top glue a small section and pull fabric down and over the frame, repeat the process until finished and repeat for the bottom.
6. Trim any excess fabric to make neat and then glue braid over the raw edge to make a neat finish.
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